KnuEdge’s voice biometric and neural computing technology will change how humans interact with technology, combining the most natural human interface – voice – with platforms and systems that can understand data in real-time and augment reality and learning.

KnuVerse™ delivers proven military-grade voice recognition and authentication technology that unlocks the potential of voice interfaces to power next-generation computing. While the voice technology market has exploded over the past five years due to the introductions of Siri, Cortana, Google Home and Alexa, the aspirations of most commercial voice technology teams are still on the drawing board because of security and noise issues.

KnuVerse solutions are based on patented authentication techniques using the human voice – even in extremely noisy environments – as one of the most secure biometrics, opening the door for unprecedented innovation for enterprises in industries such as banking, entertainment and hospitality. It is now possible to authenticate to computers, web and mobile apps and IoT devices with only a few words spoken into a microphone – in any language, even in very loud real world environments, or with many other people talking nearby.

KnuVerse also delivers a cloud-based public API service that vastly simplifies the ability for any application developer to incorporate KnuVerse’s robust speaker identity and security capabilities into their own application.

KNUPATH delivers chip technology based on LambaFabric™, which will enable neural computing through an entirely different architecture than the GPUs, CPUs and FPGAs currently on the market. LambdaFabric is inherently designed to scale up to 512,000 devices in the most demanding computing environments, has rack-to-rack latency of only 400ns, and low-wattage, 256-core processors. KNUPATH technology is entirely new and built on biological principles, and will reset the standard for chip/system-level compute in data centers and consumer devices.