KnuEdge has built a winning portfolio of leading-edge businesses that are designed to bring neural technologies to enterprise products for the enterprise and consumer markets.

The company’s mission is not to create incremental technology change, but to lead fundamental transformations, and deliver next-generation technologies that will alter how humans interact with machines — ranging from robust voice recognition and authentication to machine learning.

KnuEdge’s voice biometric and neural computing technology will finally bring the benefits of connectivity and IoT to those who cannot read or write and ultimately help improve quality of life. We believe with this technology we will change how humans interact with technology, combining the most natural human interface – voice – with platforms and systems that can understand data in real-time and augment reality and learning.

KnuVerse has solved two fundamental problems that exist in all voice-interface technologies to date: noise and security. This will change the way humans interact with technology, and banking, tech, entertainment and hospitality industries (among others) are able to innovate new products and services at an unbelievable pace.  KnuVerse™ voice technology is military-grade, proven in battlefield conditions.

KNUPATH is building game-changing neural compute technologies that will break the current constraints of scalability and latency, and enable accelerated performance ranging from machine learning to better understanding the universe. KNUPATH delivers chip technology based on LambaFabric™, which will enable neural computing through an entirely different architecture than the GPUs, CPUs and FPGAs currently on the market. LambdaFabric is inherently designed to scale up to 512,000 devices in the most demanding computing environments, has rack-to-rack latency of only 400ns, and low-wattage, 256-core processors.