Daniel S. Goldin

Chairman, President & CEO

After an illustrious career leading large government and industry organizations, Dan Goldin finds great satisfaction in running his own company. Prior to founding KnuEdge, Dan was the longest tenured NASA Chief, serving across three presidential administrations and leading the agency through its renaissance. His accomplishments read like a Harvard Business Review case study in successful execution: For instance, as NASA Chief he guided the redesign and delivered the International Space Station, initiated bold robotic exploration of Mars, formed the Astrobiology Institute to better understand the origin, evolution and destiny of life in the universe, and without incident put a record number of people into space, all while reducing the agency’s planned budget by 33%.

In founding KnuEdge, Dan decided to focus on neuro-biologically-based technology, and joined the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego as a Senior Fellow, to learn Neuroscientific principles from Nobel Prize winner Dr. Gerald Edelman. He then organized a group of private investors who were willing to engage in a long technology development phase that would enable truly “swing for the fences” breakthrough innovations.

Marty Seyer

Chief Operating Officer

Marty Seyer came to KnuEdge in 2014 from Tagaboom where he was founder and CEO. He has held positions as Senior Vice President at Advanced Micro Devices, CEO at startup Penguin Computing, and VP/GM at NCR Corporation.

Mr. Seyer knows how to identify and generate enthusiasm around a promising enterprise. Creative and amiable, Marty is often chosen as a mentor. He energizes teams and orchestrates a work environment that inspires loyalty within an entire division or company.

Kelly Smales
Kelly Smales

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Kelly Ann Smales brings to KnuEdge more than 35 years of experience in the semiconductor industry in finance, accounting, business development and business strategy. Her 35 years of experience includes VP of Finance for Motorola, CVP of Finance for AMD, Senior VP of Enterprise Development for GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Chief Financial Officer for start-up Advanced Nanotechnology Solutions, Inc. Kelly holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a B.S. in Accounting from Arizona State University.

Dr. David Bradley

Chief of Research

David C. Bradley’s expertise in neural computing, biology and physiology stretches the imagination.  He studied chemistry at U.C. Davis, medicine at l’Universit e de Montpellier (France), and physiology and biophysics at the University of Southern California. He studied computational neuroscience at MIT and Caltech, then joined the faculty at the University of Chicago, where he was tenured in 2006. In 2010 he left Chicago to join Goldin’s research program.

He has 12 patents published or pending, with another 10 expected within the year. He remains one of the most widely cited authors in neuroscience, with 71 publications and over 4000 citations, many in authoritative journals such as Science, Nature, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Reviews and Annual Review of Neuroscience. His work is also featured in the London Science Museum.

Dr. Douglas A. Palmer

Chief Technology Officer

Doug Palmer specializes in technology solutions utilizing digital signal processing, unconventional imaging, digital communications, high-speed digital networks, application-specific integrated circuits and real-time computer software. He has received over a dozen patents with many more pending, and has founded or participated in the startup of several companies. Doug has been working with KnuEdge since 2006, and was previously Principal Development Engineer at Calit2. Dr. Palmer received his M.Phil. and Ph.D. in High Energy Physics from Yale University.

Kate Dilligan

Executive Vice President

Kate Dilligan has been with KnuVerse since its founding in 2005. Kate serves the standard bearer for a world class product line and has been a passionate proponent for the speech processing technology since its earliest stages. Operationally, she oversees the U.S. government programs, corporate partnerships, commercial customers. Kate left a career in political fundraising and strategy to earn her MBA from Stanford. She earned her BA from Smith College.

Dr. David R. Eames

Chief Engineer and Director of Programs

Dr. Eames has built his career developing and commercializing complex software systems, especially focusing on neural networks and parallel computing applications. He was one of the original staff scientists at HNC and continued neural network applications at Grumman before moving to Qualcomm where he led software development for satellite communications. He joined KnuEdge in 2008. David Eames received his Ph.D. in Plasma Physics from Princeton after earning Bachelor degrees from the University of Michigan in Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, and Engineering Physics.

Steve Cumings

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Cumings has led marketing teams for companies ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar businesses. While he began in large, mature markets at HP and AMD, his interest in driving new technologies to market led him to corporate startups at Dell and Samsung, and now to the cutting-edge innovation of KnuEdge. Enthusiastic and prolific, Steve is known for his ability to create a compelling marketing vision and translate it into the myriad activities that deliver success.