KnuEdge is headquartered in San Diego, a mature technology startup hub that is a hotspot for bio-sciences, aerospace, materials, and communications technology. We are growing and adding team members based here and in remote locations. From the company’s inception, we have assembled world class science and technology experts to lead fundamentally transformative research and imaginative product development. We find strength in individual and collective creativity and value team members with a daring spirit who find reward in accomplishing audacious tasks.

We are leading advancements in hardware for mega datacenters and speech processing that will support a world with continued mobile device proliferation, the Internet of Things, new modes of human-to-computer interaction, accessibility, and cost/performance advantages. We have two businesses focused on delivering these groundbreaking machine learning technologies:

KNUPATH is changing how the world addresses large-scale machine learning, signal processing and data analytics workloads through custom silicon designs.

KnuVerse is bringing true voice authentication to enterprise applications, enabling the voice, the most distinctive biometric attribute, to authenticate customers.

This vision was the founding inspiration for Intellisis Corporation and remains true even now: to deliver tomorrow’s advances today.